Gourd Collections

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Accent gourds

These Gourds have been carved and dyed into beautiful accent pieces for spaces that need  a touch of  beauty, meaning  light and love. Inspired by my dreams, surroundings and the gourds themselves, I made and fell in love with each of these in my home,there’s a piece of me in each of them. 

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"adinkra" collection



"Adinkra" is a collection of symbols with Origins from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana in West Africa. Each symbol represents a proverb or an ethnic philosophy. 

Adinkra literally means farewell. In a sense, these are symbols 'left' with a person to meditate. The symbols are used extensively by artisans on funeral cloths batik and pottery and woodworks. More recently they have become the symbols for many organizations and movements due to the wisdom and hope they give.

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gourd lamps

Our Gourd lamps create beautiful and subtle lighting that gives ambience  for  many situations; a romantic dinner , ambience for bedroom or a subtle night light for any living area